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Gurukool is a well established concept but its application in the modern world has been surprisingly poor. The word technology (referred as Yantrana) existed as much in the Ramayana & Mahabharata era as it exists today.

Thus science & technology is as much for the welfare of humanity as much as the morals & value is. A pontiff who is ignorant of science of tones is as much a victim of his own ignorance as a singer, who specializes in audio tones but knows nothing about the power of mantra. The question is whether we have the perception for the wide ranging ideas.

A concentrated stream of thoughts is like a laser beam, it can cut metal too. But in reality we do not cut one thing all at the same time. The challenges change from making a tea to drinking the tea to making everyone go through the experience of having had a good time over every cup of tea.

Quality of our living is centered in quality of our thinking & we need to know how to shift that gear every now & then. We need space to think & not just a line to think. That suggests we need to move on at least a couple of dimensions. That alone helps us stand good within our territory, within our intellectual bastion.

Gurukool is conceived out of enormous inspiration to create special human beings that create more special human beings. It follows mentoring system that is quite apart of teaching per say. There is a generic principle; when someone wants a small success he depends on his own abilities. When someone wants a larger success he will have to create abilities in more & more people.

Thus Gurukool strategically creates intense followers that are actually very powerful leaders that create more followers. There is no one religion that we follow; although everyone is expected to follow their own religion, not blindly but with complete consciousness. That gets reflected not in the way rituals are carried out but in a way they live god; the human is perceived.

One of core lessons of Gurukool is to be good to everyone & not be good just to someone. The former manufactures goodness in generic sense whereas the latter creates bondage's & constricted relationship patterns. Gurukool is a system that encourages class learning. Hence it is open to human creation right at the age of 1 year or so. And it is a bonus to say one actually never stops learning.

Gurukool is open to being used by families too; (The list is not all exhaustive) Consolidate the traditional gene structure by allowing wholesome new influences Create a child who has a capacity to use the highest intelligence application & who can keep adding to that capacity Change the academic performances of the child 180 degrees Add plans & projects to high-end life plans of ambitious children Create a system of self-discipline to monitor progress in desired areas Create a well-structure growth in minimum of 15-core competencies that affords a global achievement plan Build human that is compatible with global culture & global communication Extend the concept of schooling from reading & writing to core learning Allow spherical thinking possibilities rather than linear thinking Break the learning barriers from subjects to problems Create an individual who is confident of using his brain to create knowledge rather than creating brain that stores knowledge Develop a brigade that creates thought leadership for the global consumption Create an achievement motivation & spirit of karma in their child

It would be a great pleasure to enlighten you with more ideas & values that would help you create a highly prospective childhood for your sons & daughters.

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